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Note: These are the 2021 cancellation conditions; they might change for 2022. Please check back here in mid-May.

  • Want to cancel your book trip booking?
    Please read our strict cancellation policy before contacting us:
  • To minimise any loss you may suffer as a refult of cancellaitons we reccomend you take out travel insurance, a good value policy is found at this link: Click here for Snow Holiday Insurance
  • Replacing You
    1. For the base package: You can find a friend to replace you. They'll have to give you whatever money you've already paid. Contact us with their details ASAP so we can update our records (there is no charge for this).
    2. If the trip fills up and we have a waiting list, people from the waiting list can replace any dropouts. We will give refunds, so long as the trip remains full, but there is a $75 administration fee for this. We reserve the right to add buses and make trips bigger, which could reduce the chances of there being a replacement. You would also lose any credit card surcharge paid (in addition to the $75). Contact us ASAP if you wish to be "replaced" because if we do replace people we replace people in order of us being notified.
    3. We advise you to call straight away if you can't go, even if you might find a friend to replace you.
  • Your Balance Due Date
  • Your "balance due date" is 21-days prior to departure. It is the same date on which direct-deposits/internet-transfers are due.
    • For more about official Balance Due dates
      Visit Payment Dates for a list of exact dates »
  • » If you cancel on or before 5pm on your official "balance due date"
    We keep your deposit. This is $150 for 2-day & 3-day trips staying at Jindabyne, $200 for 2-day & 3-day trips staying at Thredbo, and $350 for all 4-day and 6-day trips. Any excess paid is refunded (except credit card surcharges).
  • » If you cancel after 5pm on your official "balance due date"
    We will only refund payments for rentals. Your base-package, supplements and any surcharges will not be refunded. We will also keep any extra charges relevant to your booking including accommodation supplements (ie: premium unit, double rooms etc..) as per your booking, as well as any credit card surcharges. We will refund any excess paid (ie: payment for rentals). Your base price amount will also depend upon if you booked at the bus-inclusive, or self-drive price.-->
  • » If you do not notify us you are cancelling within 12 hours of departure
    Your booking will be treated as a "no-show". In this case payment for everything inlcuding rentals would be lost. You can still try to make your own way to the snow and "resume" your space.
  • » If you paid extra money before it's due
    You don't risk losing it until it falls due.
  • Other Points To Note
    1. Changing trips is at our discretion - Contact us to ask.
    2. Refunds ARE NOT given for sympathetic reasons (sick, special exams, family tragedy, injury etc...).
    3. If you cancel and only lose the deposit amount then no allocation is made for any empty bed or any empty bus seat - neither have been "paid for" with just the deposit. If you booked with a group of friends then your deposit does not "pay for" an empty bed in their room, or an empty bus seat on their bus. The situation is different but complicated if you have paid and lost the "full" base package cost or more.
    4. If you lose money we may offer you a large discount on a future ski trip. This is at our discretion.
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  • You must include your name(s), trip date and a phone number in your email.
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