Dates of Ski Kaos Bus Trips 2019

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3-day Trip Dates 2019

Ex-Sydney via Canberra (or fly to/from Sydney)

Departure Date Days on the Slopes Return Date Get Price Spaces Left
Fri June 7th*** Sat,Sun,Mon*** Mon June 10th*** Price
over 15 spots**
Thurs June 13th Fri,Sat,Sun Sun June 16th over 15 spots**
Thurs June 20th Fri,Sat,Sun Sun June 23rd over 15 spaces**
TUE June 25th* Wed,Thurs,Fri* FRI June 28th* over 15 spaces**
Thurs June 27th Fri,Sat,Sun Sun June 30th over 15 spaces
TUES July 2nd* Wed,Thurs,Fri* FRI July 5th* over 15 spaces**
Thurs July 4th Fri,Sat,Sun Sun July 7th over 15 spaces
Thurs July 11th Fri,Sat,Sun Sun July 14th over 15 spaces
Thurs July 18th Fri,Sat,Sun Sun July 21st over 15 spaces
TUE July 23rd* Wed,Thurs,Fri* FRI July 26th* over 15 spaces**
Thurs July 25th Fri,Sat,Sun Sun July 28th over 15 spaces
TUE July 30th* Wed,Thurs,Fri* FRI Aug 2nd* over 15 spaces**
Thurs August 1st Fri,Sat,Sun Sun August 4th over 15 spaces
Thurs August 8th Fri,Sat,Sun Sun August 11th over 15 spaces
Thurs August 15th Fri,Sat,Sun Sun August 18th over 15 spaces
Thurs August 22nd Fri,Sat,Sun Sun August 25th over 15 spaces
TUE Aug 27th* Wed,Thurs,Fri* FRI Aug 30th* over 15 spaces**
Thurs Aug 29th Fri,Sat,Sun Sun Sept 1st over 15 spaces
Thurs Sept 5th Fri,Sat,Sun Sun Sept 8th over 15 spaces
TUE Sept 10th* Wed,Thurs,Fri* FRI Sept 13th* over 15 spaces**
Thurs Sept 12th Fri,Sat,Sun Sun Sept 15th over 15 spaces**
  • * These trips are 3-days midweek, not 3-day weekends
  • ** These trips are Subject to Demand. If you are interested in booking then please call us ASAP to register your interest (trips marked ** will only get confirmed once we know we have enough people!)
  • *** The June Long Weekend trip is 3-days & 3-nights
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