Dates of Ski Kaos Bus Trips 2020

Note: The 2021 dates will be ready in late-March. They are likely to be very similar to 2020 dates. In the meantime you can still download last winter's bus trip Info Pack for general information.

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6-day Trip Dates 2020

Ex-Sydney via Canberra (or fly to/from Sydney)

Start Date* On Slopes Return Date Get Price Spaces Left
Sun August 9th* Su½, M—F Fri August 14th* Price
No Trip This Midweek
Sun August 16th* Su½, M—F Fri August 21st* No Trip This Midweek
Sun August 23rd* Su½, M—F Fri August 28th* No Trip This Midweek
Sun Sept 6th* Su½, M—F Fri Sept 11th* No Trip This Midweek
Sun Sept 13th* Su½, M—F Fri Sept 18th* No Trip This Midweek
Sun Sept 20th* Su½, M—F Fri Sept 25th* Register Interest (Subject to Demand)
Sun Sept 27th* Su½, M—F Fri Oct 2nd* Register Interest (Subject to Demand)
  • * These trips actually depart Sydney late on the Saturday night.

Fly to Sydney or Canberra to Get the Ski Kaos Bus:

You can of course fly to Sydney & back. You'd get the bus from Sydney. Note that flying to or from Canberra is rarely advised becasue: (1) flight prices to and from Canberra are overprived vs Sydney flights, and (2) Out buses dont go past Canberra Airport at practical times. Please email or call for advice on booking flights.

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